This website belongs to the Monnet group ("Monnet Group"), made up of the following companies:

  • Noladril S.A., with address at Calle Circunvalación Durango N° 1429, apartment 2D, Uruguay.
  • Monnet Payments S.L., with registered office in Madrid (28.001), Calle Castelló 66, 3° A, Spain.
  • Monnet pagos en línea S.A.C., con domicilio en la avenida Del Pinar Nro. 110 Int. 205 Urb. Chacarilla del Estanque – Santiago de Surco, Lima – Perú.

The companies that make up the Monnet Group have been incorporated in accordance with the laws of the country of their residence; and, within the services and products it offers, its main activity is to dedicate itself to providing the service of technological solutions and online payments local, regional, and other associated with collection and dispersion of web portals.


The purpose of this website is to expose the corporate information of the Monnet Group, as well as to allow the user to make inquiries and claims about the website, the services and / or products offered by the Monnet Group.


The Monnet Group provides the services of:


Through which it makes immediate and traditional bank transfers via API, with a wide coverage of banks in Latin America and in local currency; and, 


Solution that allows merchants to accept payments with the main card brands and alternative means of payment (bank transfer and cash) through a single integration and multicurrency.


The Monnet Group may communicate with the user using any means, including telephone calls and emails, provided by the user. Likewise, the user accepts that, by providing the information previously indicated, the Monnet Group may communicate news and relevant information, by the means that the Monnet Group deems appropriate. 


The user undertakes not to misuse the website of the Monnet Group, so he will not act maliciously, within others, trying to obtain unauthorized access to the website of the Monnet Group. 

Likewise, the user undertakes to use the Monnet Group website only for legal purposes, without affecting the interests of the Monnet Group and/or third parties. 

When the Monnet Group considers that the user has made inappropriate use of its website, it will proceed with the legal measures it deems appropriate. 


The Monnet Group is the owner of the content, brands and licenses used on the website, the user, under no circumstances, will acquire any right of ownership of the content, brands, licenses, services, products, and other elements found on the website. 

All documentation generated by the user, from the information contained on the website, whether in writing, orally or in any other way, will be the property of the Monnet Group. Consequently, the user may not modify or alter in any way, the information and data exposed on the website of the Monnet Group. 

The trademarks of the Monnet Group are duly registered, so the user is expressly prohibited from using them, unless he has express, prior and written approval of the Monnet Group.


The Monnet Group website may contain links to other websites that are not owned or controlled by the Monnet Group, which is why it has no control and assumes no responsibility or obligation for the content, consequently, the user is advised to take the aforementioned into account and read the terms, conditions and privacy policies of each website you visit. 


To protect the rights of users, the Monnet Group provides a Privacy Policy, which may be modified by the Monnet Group, without prior notice. 


The user declares that it is his responsibility to acquire, configure and use adequate software for antivirus protection, the Monnet Group will not be responsible for the violation of its technology by a virus. 


Without prejudice to the other limitations of liability established, the Monnet Group shall not be liable for any damage, loss and/or loss that the user may suffer during the connection to the Monnet Group website and/or during the provision of the service and/or delivery of the Monnet Group product. 


The Monnet Group and the user will resolve in good faith and mutual agreement any dispute arising out of or in relation to the interpretation and / or application of the provisions of the website and will try to reach a satisfactory agreement on the dispute within a maximum period of fifteen (15) days counted from the date a Party communicates in writing to the other Party about the existence of such dispute. In the event of failure, this mechanism shall apply as provided in the following paragraph.

It is agreed that any discrepancy or controversy that may arise with respect to the interpretation, execution, compliance, effects, validity, or any other aspect, related to this website, will be submitted to arbitration of law by the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima and in accordance with its regulations, and failing that by the rules indicated in Legislative Decree No. 1071.

The arbitral award issued shall be final and unappealable. However, the right to file an appeal for annulment that may be available in accordance with the provisions of Articles 62 and 63 of Legislative Decree No. 1071 is safeguarded.

For any intervention of the judges and ordinary courts that is necessary in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 1071, the Monnet Group and the user expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Judges and Courts of the Judicial District of the Cercado de Lima.

The place of arbitration shall be the city of Lima, Peru, and the language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be Spanish.


The Monnet Group declares that it has the right to modify the website and / or the Terms and Conditions present, as it deems most appropriate in relation to its business development, a faculty that the user accepts. In addition, the Monnet Group reserves the right to suspend, withdraw or restrict, partially or totally, the availability of the website. 

Likewise, the user declares that he understands and accepts the merely informative purposes of the Monnet Group website, as well as the mandatory and binding nature of the Terms and Conditions, in case the user does not accept what is indicated herein, the user must refrain from using the Monnet Group website.

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